Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floors tend to take a lot of abuse from household chemicals and cleaning agents to normal, everyday stains such as gas, oil, grease and even paint or stain when you’re working on home repairs. Protect your Murfreesboro garage floor with Artistic Polymers’ epoxy and polyurethane coatings. Our coatings combine decorative colors and textures with durability that is resistant to chemicals. AP Granite Chip, StampStone®, Color Flake Broadcast or solid color Epoxy can be installed on any Murfreesboro garage floor to provide superior durability with a decorative finish.

Concrete Coatings for Murfreesboro Driveways

Artistic Polymers offers a full line of coatings specially designed to perform well as decorative finishes for concrete. Protect your driveway from the harmful effects of the sun and weather with a protective coating that will also help to extend the life of your driveway. The ability to design coatings for different surface conditions allows Artistic Polymers to have a decorative coating option for every concrete surface from your driveway to your countertop. Surface wear varies in different parts of the country based upon the climate and weather. Artistic Polymers can design a coating that will perform well whether you live in the frigid north or the blistering sun of Arizona.

Artistic Polymers also carries the widest selection of epoxy surface sealers and coatings available for brick, block, stone and concrete. These sealers can dramatically increase the life and beauty of any surface and are water resistant.

Waterproof Sealing Systems for Murfreesboro Decks & Patios

Don’t let rain, sun and the elements take a toll on your deck or patio. Artistic Polymers offers multiple Waterproof Deck Coating systems for wood and concrete. All Artistic Polymers systems are architecturally specified and can be installed with both contractor and manufacturer warranties. Artistic Polymers waterproof systems can be installed with decorative or commercial finishes in virtually any color or decorative finish. Artistic Polymers waterproof systems have many years of proven success in both residential and commercial applications and can be customized to meet specific project requirements.

Interior Floor Coatings

In addition to garage floor and concrete coatings, Artistic Polymers uses a variety of methods to create unique designs and patterns for Murfreesboro interior concrete flooring. Concrete is an environmentally friendly choice for your flooring that is easy to care for – simply clean with soap and water or vacuum or dust mop as needed. Concrete flooring also requires a minimal amount of maintenance over time and is perfect for people who have allergies.

Murfreesboro Concrete Overlay Patterns

Patterns can be hand cut or laid out with pattern tapes and stencils to create your distinctive look. Hand cut patterns are usually selected for stamped or epoxy based coatings while stencils and tape patterns are more popular for Spray-Deck applications. Pattern Stencils are ideal for providing detailed coating simulations that cannot be achieved through other methods such as European Fan, Basket Weave and Herringbone brick. Stencil patterns are usually 1/6th to 1/8th inch thick while hand cut patterns can be used for much thicker coating systems such as StampStone®.

Contact Us!

We manufacture our own StampStone® and PolyRock® branded concrete coating systems to ensure that they are the best in the industry. Now any surface inside or outside of your home can be transformed into rustic or contemporary stone finishes. If you can dream it we can create it for you! Call us today 800-471-0070.

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