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Seal & Stain Pro coatings (manufactured by Artistic Polymers) are ideal for protecting new surfaces or restoring existing surfaces. If resurfacing is required with Seal & Stain Pro materials it is important to remember that a coating is only as strong as the substrate underneath. Proper surface evaluation and preparation is the single most important step to ensuring a long life for your new surface. Extra support for some surfaces may need to be added such as “Fiber” or “Metal” lath to prevent future cracking. Once your surface has been properly prepared you may choose from the full line of Artistic Polymers coatings. The following are problems that could have been prevented with proper evaluation and treatment.

None of the following coatings were installed by Seal & Stain Pro trained installers.

This Brick wall has developed a mineral efflorescence problem from not being sealed. Artistic Polymers “Brickguard Sealer” does not change the appearance of brick, block, stone or concrete and prevents efflorescence and minerals from passing into or out of a surface. Repair: This surface should be pressure washed to remove the discoloration then treated with Artistic Polymers Brickguard Sealer.

Brick Restoration Services

Brick Wall With Mineral Deposit Whiting

The decorative finish on this playground is discoloring because the sealer used was not correctly applied or is not strong enough for exterior application. Artistic Polymers single component solvent sealers are VOC compliant in all states and designed for exterior use. Repair: This surface should be cleaned and pressure washed and any discolored areas should be recolored. Finally the entire surface should be sealed with two coats of roll applied Artistic Polymers Solvent Sealer.

Concrete Surface Restoration

Discolored Decorative Playground Surface Coating

This photo shows where someone has attempted a patch a problem area without resolving the original problem which caused the failure. The polymer modified cement being applied directly to the concrete is not strong enough for this application. Artistic Polymers High Resin Cements are designed for direct application to concrete. Repair: Remove all of the weak material and install an Artistic Polymers High Resin Cement decorative coating system.

Concrete Patch Repair

Delaminating Patch Repair

From the overall nature of this problem it appears the surface was not properly prepared before coating installation. Artistic Polymers Epoxy Primers are designed to seal and prepare concrete and hold decorative coatings to a surface with unparallel strength. Repair: Remove all existing coatings and seal the surface with Artistic Polymers Epoxy Primer. Install an Artistic Polymers Decorative Coating System.

Concrete Coating System Failure

Overall Coating System Failure

This surface shows ware marks on the edge that indicate that the “Thin Film” coating selected for the surface was not sufficient for the use this surface was to receive. Artistic Polymers Aggregate Filled Epoxy or High Build Polymer Cements are an excellent high strength solution for heavy ware surfaces. Repair: Pressure wash the surface to clean and remove any loose materials from the edge and riser. Install a Artistic Polymers High Strength Coating on the riser and twelve inches on surface. Seal with Artistic Polymers High Solids Polyurethane.

Decorative Coating Failure From Excessive Ware

Decorative Coating Failure From Excessive Ware

The stamped concrete in this photo was sealed before the surface was properly prepared. The sealer did not bond to the concrete causing whiting to develop between the sealer and the concrete. Artistic Polymers solvent sealers have been formulated with special wetting agents that promote penetration into the surface and prevent sealer whiting. Repair: The sealer must be removed from the surface using Artistic Polymers’s Stamped Concrete Restoration System. The colors are then touched up if necessary. Finally the complete surface is resealed with two roll applied coats of Artistic Polymers Solvent Sealer.

Concrete Sealer Failure

Sealer Failure

This photo shows a concrete surface that was formed without proper grading which has caused moisture to stand on the decorative Coating. This type of surface condition requires a coating that can withstand subgrade moisture conditions. Artistic Polymers Exopy/Polyurethane coatings can withstand excessive moisture conditions from both sub-grade and surface attack. Repair: Remove all coatings from the surface. Apply Artistic Polymers Moisture Resistant Epoxy Primer prior to installing an Artistic Polymers Decorative Coating System. Seal the coating system with two roll applied coats of Artistic Polymers High Solids Polyurethane.

Cocnrete Discoloration from Water Damage

Discoloration And Failure from Excessive Surface Moisture

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