Concrete Floor Finishes – Nashville, TN

The Seal & Stain Pro has many concrete floor staining and sealing solutions that appeal to both Nashville homeowners and businesses. Our solutions help ensure your flooring investment lasts for years to come. Our concrete floor services include: epoxy floor coats, indoor stamped overlays, solid color epoxies, stained concrete, textured concrete and polished concrete flooring.

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings – Nashville, TN

Nashville Epoxy Floor FinishesHelp protect your concrete investment with an interior epoxy floor coating. This all-purpose coating is available for residential, commercial, decorative and even industrial projects. Our epoxy floor coatings increase the longevity of your interior or exterior concrete, and are a much higher quality and longer lasting than the kits you get from Home Depot or Lowes. The benefits of the coating are immediate: The concrete is protected from everyday wear and tear, becomes slip and chemical-resistant, and its overall appearance is improved dramatically. Your floor can either be a sparkling solid color or a swirly, work of art. Various design options allow epoxy floors to be tailored to your exquisite taste.

Stained Concrete Floor Coatings – Nashville, TN

Concrete Floor Staining (also called Direct Acid Floor Staining) is the best option for any concrete floor, interior or exterior, that is in good condition. By concrete staining, we mean that we would apply the stain directly onto the original concrete floor. If the concrete floor is in good shape—i.e., it has not been painted, had carpet, tile, linoleum, or some other floor covering previously installed on it—then concrete staining will create excellent results. For interior areas, new construction projects are the best candidates, while for exteriors, we often focus on driveways, patios, sidewalks, and porches.

Concrete staining has many pros. Concrete staining cost is among the lowest of all decorative concrete options, especially if it’s for exterior projects or new construction. Another plus is that concrete staining will create natural, organic colors that are really gorgeous compared to other flooring options. These colors have a translucent quality to them that allows all of a concrete floor’s personality to come through. If there are any imperfections in the floor prior to applying the acid stain, they’ll certainly be there afterwards, so it is important that the concrete is thoroughly cleaned if it is not new. Lastly, concrete staining is more art than science. We can generally control just how dark it gets but not the exact colors that will come out.

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