Concrete Sealing Solutions – Nashville, TN

Brick Surface SealingWhen sealing a surface it is important to understand how a sealer works and what its maintenance will be to properly select the right product for your surface. Seal & Stain Pro carries the widest selection of surface sealers available to ensure the right choice for every application. Whether you are sealing Brick, Block, Stone, Concrete or Coatings, Seal & Stain Pro can provide the highest quality sealers for that surface. Seal & Stain Pro sealers can be applied over all types of decorative coating applications such as: Acid Staining, Exposed Aggregate Concrete, Stamped Concrete and Coatings, Interior and Exterior Decorative Finishes, Grind and Polish Concrete, Cut and Stained Concrete.

Freeze Damaged Brick RepairAs shown in this photo of freeze-damaged brick an unsealed surface can be permanently damaged from the elements. The proper selection of sealers can dramaticly increase the life and beauty of any surface.

Seal & Stain Pro Surface Sealers

  • VOC Compliant Solvent Sealers to meet all state requirements.
  • Complete line of Epoxy Primers, Sealers and Coatings.
  • Polyurethane Sealers for normal and chemical resistant surfaces.
  • Penetrating Water Resistant Sealers that will not change the look of the surface.
  • Fast Drying Sealers for Commercial Applications.
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